Useful Exercises To Practice Before Hitting the Golf Course

While many people view golfing as the ultimate leisure sport, the game requires lots of athleticism and physical control. Performing certain aerobics before an eighteen-hole round will set you up for success and elevate your game. To ensure that your swing is as explosive as possible, check out these useful exercises to practice before hitting the golf course.

Targeted Stretching

Targeted stretching is important before attempting any physical activity, as it maintains strong and flexible muscles. It also loosens joints to provide them with a wider range of motion. Golfing relies on explosive muscle movements and fluid rotations of the joints, so certain stretches can seriously help you before a game.

Doing a forward fold, with your feet apart and your knees slightly bent, is the perfect way to work out your hamstrings. Twisting while on the ground, alternating “leg over leg,” relieves stress in your back muscles and loosens tightness throughout your spine.

Lastly, simple wrist and shoulder stretches prepares those muscles and joints for action while also protecting them from injury – these exercises help with improving the range of motion in your swing.

Light Cardio

It is advantageous to conduct a light cardio exercise right before a game of golf. Unlike stretching, this aerobic activity is more about your mental strength rather than physical. By raising your heart rate and forcing you to control your breathing, you’ll find light cardio helps you focus more intensely.

Try jogging a short distance, back and forward, stopping just before you feel overly tired. Remember, you don’t want to use all the gas in your tank before teeing off – the key here is to loosen your body and mind.

Practice Your Swing

Any golf enthusiast will practice their swing before, during, and after a day at the links. However, many do not see this activity as an actual exercise and fail to gain additional benefits to their game. When you practice before a game, you’re aiming to add more lag in your swing by paying attention to your overall mechanics. To achieve the best results, take your practice swings slowly, ensuring that all your motions are correct and feel good.

Whether you’re gearing up for a tournament or just teeing off with some old pals, there are many useful exercises to practice before hitting the golf course. Find the activities that work best for you and your game. Remember that even a slight amount of exercise before a game will protect you from injury and, maybe more importantly, finally get you under 100!

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