Tips for Getting Started in Golf

Golf may appear complicated at first, but with the right approach, it doesn’t need to be. You may feel somewhat overwhelmed by all there is to learn and all the gear involved in playing; however, by taking things one step at a time and prioritizing certain aspects over others in the beginning, you’ll start enjoying the sport much quicker than you might expect. Here are some worthwhile tips for getting started in golf.

Try It Before Buying Gear

Unlike some other sports, golf requires various types of equipment in order to play. You shouldn’t go out and try to purchase every piece of gear that people recommend right from the beginning, though. Instead, focus on actually getting a feel for playing golf first. Using the clubs that a friend lends you or that you borrow from a golf course are perfectly fine when you are learning to swing and gauging whether you want to delve deeper into the sport.

If you do want to buy a few clubs of your own, go with a driver, sand wedge, midrange iron, and putter to cover the basic bases of long-range shots, bunker shots, and short-range shots. You can fill out your arsenal with other irons later on.

Start With the Driving Range

Going straight to the holes can be intimidating, and you might even disrupt others’ play if you have no clue what you are doing. The driving range is a much more low-stakes area where you can swing without feeling like you are holding someone up. You will also have access to a wider variety of clubs than you might have used before, and it won’t matter where your ball lands when it is hit since the area is netted. Sometimes, the golf instructors associated with the range may come up to offer you advice too, which leads us to the next point.

Find a Teacher

Even if you swing a club a thousand times, you won’t necessarily get better at golf, since your form may be off. Thus, one of the most important tips for getting started in golf is to find a good teacher. A professional instructor can impart their knowledge on the mechanics and mindset behind golf swings to you and correct every element of your swing and stance. You may not realize that certain aspects of your swing are slightly off, for example, since you can’t see yourself as you move. An instructor will also communicate the rules and etiquette of golf that you will need to know when you begin to play in full-length games with others.

You can glean a lot of information online by searching various golf-related topics, but ultimately, having a golf coach who is right next to you and can correct your individual errors will be most helpful.

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