Suggestions for Improving Pace of Play in Golf

Golf is a game about pacing. A better pace isn’t necessarily a quick game or rushing to the end; it is choosing a way to be more efficient with everyone’s time. By pacing your game correctly, it can be more enjoyable for everyone involved. When everyone enjoys themselves, the game feels more worthwhile. The next time you head out on the field, consider these great suggestions for improving pace of play in golf.

Consider Alternate Forms of Play

If you are short on time but still want some time out with your buddies, consider alternate forms of play to help speed things up. Whether you choose Stableford scoring, match play, best-all, or another format, you can help speed things up because not everyone has to hole out every time.

Plan Ahead

When you’re off the tee, think about your next shot in advance. Don’t wait until you get to the tee to determine what to do next. You can often plan out what you will do next, which can help you to speed things along. In general, it’s a good idea to spend just 20 seconds from club selection to hitting. This helps keep the pace going and prevents slowdowns.

Keep the Pre-Shot Routine Short

If you have a pre-shot routine, learn to cut it short. You should already have a good idea of what you will do when it is your turn. Then, when at the tee, try to take only one practice swing before playing your shot. By being ready and cutting the pre-shot routine down to a shorter time, you can be more efficient and help cut down on everyone’s wait times.

Buddy System in Carts

Are you sharing a golf cart? If so, don’t wait in the cart while your cart mate hits before the drive to your ball. You may also choose to drop your cart mate off, then drive to your ball, then pick them up again after you take your turn. To make things more efficient, you can even upgrade your golf cart to make it faster.

Try a 9-Hole Round

One of the great suggestions for improving pace of play in golf is to be open to alternatives. If your schedule is too busy for an 18-hole round of golf, consider playing nine. While it isn’t the full standard length, it’s still compatible with both the Rules of Golf and the USGA Handicap System. Plus, playing some golf is better than no golf. It’s meant to be fun! Don’t stress it if you can’t get out and play all the holes.

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