How to Plan the Perfect Golf Trip

Golfers today have a distinct advantage, as their sport is one of the more social distance-friendly activities you can still do outside. So, while other sports are stuck on the backburner, golfers are still grabbing their clubs and hitting the courses. The urge to travel has gotten stronger the more days spent cooped up in our houses. As you emerge from your homes and get back to the greens, here is some guidance on how to plan the perfect golf trip.

Location, Location, Location

Before anything can happen, you’ll need to know where you’re going. The most important aspect of this is whether the courses you’re looking at are actually open. Once that’s out of the way, there are still a few things to keep in mind. Weather conditions like the heat are important to know before a long journey, so you can prepare for it ahead of time. Opening and closing times, whether you’ll have to walk the whole course or not, and miscellaneous amenities are also key factors when choosing a location.

Consider Your Audience

Ideally, your group of buddies has the same exact desires for your golf trip that you do. However, this is rarely ever the case. Talk to the people who will be joining you on this trip and find out their expectations early so that you can keep them in mind during planning. Also, consider the health and competitiveness of your companions as well. You don’t want to travel a long way just to find out that one of your group members needs many more breaks than the others, or that another thought you were going to be golfing way more casually than you had planned.

Prepare for the Trip

Right now, flying to your destination is not a very appealing option. This means you’ll most likely be driving to your golf course of choice. Be sure to consider this as you choose where you’ll be going. In preparation for the drive, car maintenance will be essential. Get your oil changed, check your tires for wear, consider the cost of gas along the way, and be vigilant about any strange noises you might hear. The last thing you want on a golf trip is to get stuck somewhere on the way there and never actually play any golf.

Keep Safety in Mind

There’s no denying the state the world is in right now. Thankfully, golfing can be done safely during these times. When interacting with staff members or other golfers, remember to wear your face mask. Bring along sanitizing wipes to clean your—and the course’s—equipment before use. Finally, make sure to practice social distancing whenever possible.

Knowing how to plan the perfect golf trip is just the first step in having a trip to remember. If we remember to stay safe, golf doesn’t have to be another thing we have to give up during the pandemic.

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