DriveForce presents the first Premium Performance Supplement for Golf

Do you hate losing steam after the turn?  Heavy legs, brain fog, fatigue – all this should sound familiar because golf is hard enough without having your body get in the way of your swing, or a foggy mind impacting your decisions…


This is why DriveForce, proud partner of the NEPGA, created DF-18: a sugar-free, caffeine-free, pre-round, single-serving nutritious formula that sustains stamina, hydration, and focus across a full 18 holes.  DF-18 is also Informed Sport certified for the safety of professional athletes.


Northeast PGA professionals like Adam Kolloff, Jimmy Damiano, Marc Spencer, and Brian Jacobs are calling it “The 15th Club”, and many find it works so well that they’re consuming it daily as a psuedo-vitamin drink.


Besides golf, the formula also supports the immune system, heart health, natural energy levels, mood, cognition, and physical recovery. Here are just a few of the ingredients and some of the science behind how they work:


Arugula Extract (NitroRocket): This plant-extract was chosen for it’s high concentration of Dietary Nitrates, which the body converts into Nitric Oxide.  This vital molecule supports healthy blood flow, blood pressure, oxygen-efficiency, natural energy levels, cognition, physical endurance and recovery.


Glycerol (HydroMax): This ingredient supports better hydration in the body for up to 36 hours.  In other words, the water you drink goes further – and this offers powerful protection against brain-fog and heat stress, while improving physical endurance and recovery.


L-Theanine + Theobromine: L-Theanine is a non-essential amino acid that promotes calm without sedation.  Theobromine is a mild, no-jitters stimulant from chocolate that improves motor and mental functions.  When combined, these two produce a calm but stimulated mind.


Exogenous Ketones: Ketone Bodies are your alternative to blood sugar.  When consumed exogenously, ketones provide energy, reduce hunger; and improve mental clarity.


Players have long needed a premium solution like DF-18…one that actually lives up to its promise!  DriveForce will attend this year’s Northeast Golf Show – so pay them a visit to learn more about how they can help you have more enjoyable rounds! 

Also visit to see what the fuss is about!

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