Bag Boy Highlights Walking Benefits to Celebrate National Walking Day

Heart health, improved circulation and much more

Richmond, VA – This April, Bag Boy is proud to take part in the 15th annual National Walking Day.

Taking place on April 6th this year, National Walking Day highlights the importance and many health benefits of walking. There are several ways to celebrate this day, from going on walks in your neighborhood, participating in a race walk and even walking the golf course.

The countless health benefits of walking include improved circulation, stronger bones and muscles, weight loss and brain health. With all the health benefits that walking brings, Bag Boy wants to encourage golfers around the country to add more walking into their daily routines. A simple way for golfers to achieve this is by choosing to walk the course during their rounds.

“What many golfers don’t realize about walking the course is that it not only makes you healthier, but it actually helps you play better,” said Craig Ramsbottom, President of Bag Boy. “When you’re walking, especially with a push cart, you’re keeping your muscles loose without overstraining them—and that makes a huge difference in the way you swing.”

To help golfers make the transition to walking, Bag Boy offers a full line of premium 3 and 4-wheel push carts, including the award-winning, auto-open Nitron push cart and the ultra-balanced 4-wheel Quad XL.

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