9 Reasons Golf is Essential

1. Social Distancing: Golf is a sport that is played with built-in social distancing. Just eliminate all human contact by skipping the handshake, the drink at the clubhouse, and leaving all pins in for putting and your good to go!
2. Exercise Outside: The average golfer walking 18 holes can cover 5-6 miles in a round, and even a rider chalks up 2-3 miles of exercise and a ton of strengthening motions.
3. Groups of 4 or less: Keep groups to a maximum of 4 people and stay 6 feet apart at all times to ensure the safety of all players.

Photo Credit: csmonitor.com
4. Don’t need to touch flagstick: Golfers can leave flagsticks in the holes, untouched.
5. Don’t need to get ball out of hole: Grounds crews at some courses have installed the cups upside down, so the ball doesn’t fall in the hole and people don’t have to reach inside.
6. Don’t need to touch the rake in bunkers: Golfers don’t have to rake the bunker, many courses even removed the rakes from the bunkers.
7. You use your own equipment: People bring their own clubs and golf balls. Additionally, they only touch their own equipment.
8. Single Carts: Carts are limited to one player at a time, and they are thoroughly disinfected after each use.
9. Clears Your Mind: During these trying times, golf is a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind for a few hours.

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