4 Unique Golf Cart Communities in the United States

Across New England, there are country clubs and golf communities where residents will have a personal golf cart for getting around. There are even some cities where golf carts can be driven on the road if they are street legal. However, across America, there are some communities where golf carts have become a way of life. Check out this list to explore four unique golf cart communities in the United States.

The Villages, FL

The Villages is a massive retirement community in Florida that spans over three counties. It has 12 different districts that contain about 150,000 total residents. The community also uses golf carts unconventionally; it’s their primary mode of transportation! It’s estimated that around 65,000 golf carts are moving about the community over its 100 plus miles of golf cart trails.

They also have countless golf carts stored for tune-ups, golf cart parades, and even a golf cart drill team. All of this makes The Villages the most extensive golf cart community in the country.

Peachtree City, GA

Peachtree City is unique because it isn’t one community or country club; it’s a town. A town that has dedicated itself to encouraging citizens to use golf carts to get around. They also have over 100 miles of trails, so it’s easy to see why cars are such a rare sight in Peachtree City. They even have charging stations in store parking lots, so you don’t have to worry about traveling long distances.

The golf cart craze is embraced by all ages, as children as young as 12 can drive with adult supervision; you must be 15 for solo travel.

Sun City, AZ

The Phoenix area is where the golf cart community was born, specifically at the original Del Webb community in Sun City. They are so crucial to the community that garages are designed to accommodate both cars and carts. Sun City doesn’t rely on paths, though. In their community, you take the carts to the streets, as they are street legal.

Charleston, SC

Charleston is the biggest city in the country where golf cart transportation is an integral part of the area. There are multiple golf communities around the city, not unlike the typical country club neighborhood, but Charleston is unique because carts are also commonly used to get around the Historic District. This district is a massively busy area that gets flooded by tourists every day, making it the most populated place where golf carts are commonly used.

Now that you’ve explored these four unique golf cart communities in the United States, do you think New England could use a similar city?

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