Ever wonder where a professional golfer goes to warm up before heading out to the range? Join TinkersNest on a tour of the PGA’s mobile Player Performance and Fitness Center, along with some fitness tips by John Adam on “activating the glutes” for better stability in the golf swing:

For a professional golfer, life on the road can make it difficult to keep up healthy practices. The idea of having to find a new gym every week, just to warm up or cool down before or after a long day on the golf course can be a headache. That is why the PGA and Visionworks bring the gym to the backyard of the golfer instead.

It has been a well kept secret that there are traveling Fitness and Physical Therapy trucks parked just outside the golf course at every PGA tournament. These “Players Only” trucks are accessible to the tour pros at any time of day. What they offer is an on-site facility where players can warm up, work out, or cool down without having to hunt for an off-site gym. Between the Fitness truck and it’s “big brother” PT truck, players have access to a complete gym with state of the art equipment, a full team of fitness and recovery experts, adjustment tables when needed, and even a locker full of extra Nike sponsored workout clothes if needed.

The world of golf has continued to expand it’s interest in understanding how healthy living, injury prevention, and fitness routines can better a player’s longevity in the game. It’s nice to know that maintaining these practices on the road has also been made as readily available to touring professionals as possible.