Play 9, Play More

In the good old days people packed up the car and drove to their favorite vacation spots to unwind and spend two weeks of leisure time just relaxing. Now, we are connected 24 hours a day to our jobs via our computers and smart phones and have no time to enjoy a little recreation.

Golf is a sport that people of all ages can enjoy, but who has 4 hours of free hours to play golf?  

Well the U.S.G.A.( United States Golf Association ) has come up with a viable alternative: Play 9. The U.S.G.A. and the M.G.A. held a media day at the William J. Devine Golf Course in Dorchester, to promote their Play 9 Initiative. The Play 9 program was created in 2014 to introduce the concept of a nine hole round of golf to people who have little time for sports and recreation.

Mike Davis, U.S.G.A. executive director says it best. “What we love about PLAY 9 is the opportunity to welcome more people; both the recreational golfers and non-golfers alike to enjoy the great game of golf. We are clearly excited about the results we’ve seen, committed to expanding the program and optimistic about its long- term potential to grow globally.”

Allison Vartabedian, marketing representative at the U.S.G.A.,  was in Dorchester to help promote the PLAY 9  program. “We decided to come to Franklin Park‘s golf course because it is a course in the middle of the city. We want people of all ages that live and work in the city to be encouraged to play golf.  And Play 9 is a great introduction for novice golfers.  Playing nine holes is a perfect format for junior and senior golfers who enjoy walking the course. And 9 holes is often just the solution for working people who enjoy an early-morning or twilight round of golf.”

I also spoke with Jesse Menachem, executive director of the M.G.A.  Jesse said that the Play 9 program was a good option for potential golfers who stay away from the game because they think golfers must play 18 holes. “Golfers who play nine holes are still eligible to obtain an official handicap,” said Jesse.

Jesse commented on the fact that State, and regional golf associations are working with area courses to promote the Play 9 program.  The program takes place on the ninth day of the month. Granite Links, a 27 hole championship golf course is participating in the program.  For more information contact Granite Links at 617 689 1900.

Additional information for golfers and golf courses that wish to participate in this program can contact Jesse at the M.G.A. at or check the U.S.G.A. web site at