How To Have A Successful Charity Golf Tournament

Every year there are more than 3,000 charity and corporate golf outings held in New England alone. That’s some serious competition. Whether you are a seasoned event planner or a novice jumping into your first event, one of the key questions to ask is, “What do I need to do to differentiate my event from the competition?”

The days of the $100.00 shotgun with a hot dog at the turn and a full field are done. Today’s events must provide the players and sponsors with a meaningful experience that resonates with them. In a nutshell, they must stand out.Charity

One of the key elements of a successful fundraiser is the ability to attract sponsors at all levels. Entice sponsors with a great return on their investment and they will choose your event over others. Most sponsors want to be appreciated for their contribution. LeaderBoard of Boston provides highly valued exposure for sponsors to showcase their involvement in front of a key target audience while entertaining amateur golfers with the look and feel of a professional tournament. In the charity golf world this gives your event a competitive advantage. Since 2004, LeaderBoard of Boston has supported more than 700 events and has helped raise more than $25 million dollars!

In 2016 the average charity golf tournament generated a $6,000 net profit.

Here’s how we can help double that return:

We will create a fully customized mockup of our highly successful SuperTicket that you will sell at registration as an option. We supply the content, prizes and special competitions. Every SuperTicket sold generates a NET Profit of $30 to $50 dollars or more straight to your bottom line. Build in a shot of the Air Cannon for even better returns.Charity

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