The New Team New England Ironman

In 1998 J.J. Henry while at Texas Christian finished runner up in the NCAA Men’s Golf Championship and joined the Nationwide Tour in 1999. With 3 PGA Tour victories over 20 years earning over 16 Million dollars as a professional. Dana Quigley the Champions Tour Ironman played over 450 events in his career, already at only age 42 Henry has played over 500 tour events.

In the last 16 years alone Henry has averaged nearly 30 tournaments yearly on the PGA Tour. There are few players in the game today who have managed to maintain PGA Tour status for 16 consecutive years.

In the 2016/2017 season he has already played in over 20 events earning $480,000. In winnings and is currently once again inside the Tour’s Top 125.

If there is a new Ironman in the game today, J.J. would certainly qualify for the crown.