james-driscol1 James Driscoll is in the field of the Web. Com Tour’s Air Capital Classic in Wichita Kansas this week with his Nashville Golf Open winning trophy, a guitar, and sporting Mohawk haircut and attitude. Driscoll’s second win last week was over thirteen years in the making. His first win came in the 2004 Virginia Beach Open in his first full season on the Web.Com Tour.

Looking more like an Australian tour guide than a golfer, his new attitude obviously paid off in Nashville as Driscoll’s turned a corner last week. In his fourth round at the Nashville Golf & Athletic Club when he went 4 under par over a three hole stretch that included an eagle from 160 yards on the par 4 12th hole. James finished strong posting rounds of 65, 68, 69, 67 for a -19/269 total and three shots clear of the field. He earned the $99,000 winning check and guitar.

I had given Driscoll, the 38 year old Boston native, the moniker of ‘New Ironman’ a couple of years ago based on his relentless grinding on the tours. Dana Quigly a Lynnfield Massachusetts native and PGA Tour Champions player is the original Ironman playing 278 consecutive professional events over a nine year stretch.

james-driscoll3Driscoll turned professional in 2001 and has made a total of 395 starts on both the PGA and Web.Com tours through Nashville. A testament to his perseverance, New Ironman has made a total 272 cuts.  

Driscoll has relentlessly worked to improve his golf swing and game over the years to with little success when it came to finding a winning combination. Coming into the Nashville Open the ‘Indiana Jones of the fairways’ was ranked 144th on the Web.Com’s money list.

Something clicked as Driscoll had a change of heart when it came to how he approached his swing and game.

“I think I did a great job of staying out of my own way. I think that’s huge. I think that’s something I’ve been dealing with for a long time and haven’t really realized it until recently. I kept trying too hard and I just got to let go and let the subconscious take over and things fall into place,” Driscoll told reporters

With so much talent and a Team New England workhorse, I hope James continues to trust what he already has in his subconscious mind. As long as he stays out of his own way, he’ll find that corner he turned in Nashville will lead to victory and it won’t take thirteen years.

Congratulations James. Keep it fluid.

Sometimes it is just that simple.