The Competition of Golf

The game of golf quite simply is a competition. We are playing against ourselves, the course and in all competitive events, other players. For most players measuring their ability, expertise and skill is done with a pencil and a scorecard. As with almost every sport or game in the world today, there is a final score.

What is missing in golf, more than all the other sports in the world today, is the running score during the game. Imagine not knowing what you have to do to win until the game is over. In any sport, it is unimaginable but in golf it’s reality. When is the last time you saw a PGA Tour player layup to make a par on the last hole when he needed a birdie to win? The answer quite simply is, never, he knows the score!

VPAR brings live scoring to golfers in regional tournaments, club tournaments and competitive golf events. It can also be used by groups for skins games or club matches for any number of players. VPAR has been used by golf tournaments and golf clubs worldwide providing players with hole by hole scoring that can be viewed by every competitor and online by spectators anywhere. It creates a fan base for golf events that goes beyond the course and allows them to follow their favorite players hole by hole.

VPAR is simple, effective and smaller than a scorecard and uses cell phone technology that we are familiar with and use every day. The product is durable and the operating system is designed for use by small groups or large. It has a designed in profit center for golf courses to earn additional ad and sponsor revenue for events and every day play. It can be leased or purchased and phone apps are available for personal use as well.

3000 players on 15 golf courses used VPAR last year in the World Amateur in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina over 5 days with great success. The company has established distributers worldwide for the product and provides continual support and updates. It is by far the easiest and most effective solution to a century old problem in a game that is played under the same rules worldwide.

Claude Hoopes, a Marion, Massachusetts native and New England representative for the product calls VPAR, “ The Final Frontier in Amateur Golf. “ If golf is going to grow and sustain, there are simple changes that need to be made to bring the amateur and the professional game to the same playing field; knowing where you stand during a competition is one of them. VPAR, because the score matters. For more info call 508-254-5555 or