It’s Shooter McGavin  (Chris McDonald) back in a golf movie once again (Happy Gilmore) only this time he plays the part of a swashbuckling gambler who will bet on just about anything. The Squeeze takes for an emotional ride through the world of golf gambling, which is as old as the game itself.  After watching the Squeeze you are left with the proverbial question much like the (Sting) where Redford and Newman dubbed Robert Shaw out of a pile of cash. What just happened?

50 years ago all the real money in golf was made gambling not on the tours.  Many of the very best players in the game took this route instead of playing for almost no money as a professional golfer. The Squeeze tells the real story of high stakes gambling and the game of golf and takes you on an emotional ride along the way. Riverboat (Chris McDonald) convinces a young talented Augie Baccus  (Jeremy Sumpter) to put aside professional golf for a chance to make some real money on the golf course. Its not long before Augie finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place with no way out.

“I watched the Squeeze and enjoyed it immensely and found the golf truly authentic. Writer / Director Terry Jastrow finally brought something to a golf movie that has never been done, actors who actually are great players. The Squeeze tells a great story that needed to be told.”

“ The Squeeze is one of those golf movies that you do not come across too often. The golf is real, the action is real and the story is just fantastic. Directory Terry Jastow did a fantastic job telling us the story of Keith Flatt, who is portrayed by the character Auggie, of what it is like when you get in way over your head and get caught in The Squeeze”.  Paul Mignosa – Assistant Marketing Manager, New England Publishing Group

The Squeeze will be out on demand and in theaters April 17, perfect timing for the week after the first golf season major, The Masters.

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