Spargo Golf Provides a Great Fit

Miura Golf produces the best quality forged iron on the market today, Aerotech SteelFiber shafts are here to stay and Spargo Golf provides one of the best fit in Southern New England. Everyone knows that! Or do you? I had the opportunity to be fit recently by Tom Spargo for Miura CB 501 irons, which Mr. Miura designed to have all the best features of Miura irons past and present into a forged masterpiece. The sleek looking cavity back has an impeccable top line providing me with the first piece of mind needed to love a set of irons, the look. Each iron is made one by one using many handcrafted processes to ensure the best forge on the planet. No wonder why KJ Choi swears by the brand and features his own collector’s edition.

The combination of the “sweet spot” muscle back, the Steel Fiber shafts and Spargo Golf’s top notch fitting produced the most consistent ball flight and best feeling iron in my career thus far. All I can say is, “Get more Miura at” I already had in my head that I wanted to play the same Aerotech SteelFiber shafts as the 2012 Fed Ex Champion, Brett Snedeker or PGA Tour star, Matt Kuchar. The shaft is designed to maintain the playability of steel with the vibration dampening characteristics found in graphite. Because I went with the i95, which is only 95 grams, I was able to increase swing speed without losing control. To learn more on how you can get wrapped in Steel-Fiber visit

The final piece of the Miura Matters puzzle was being properly fit to make sure that feel was in fact real. Tom Spargo had me hit my clubs one by one throughout the fitting and bent them flatter to reduce toe drag and move the hit to the sweet spot of the clubface. Not only did my ball speed and total distance go up but also my yardage gapping improved tremendously. “Spargo Golf recently had the opportunity to fit NEGM staff member Greg Sampson at our facility located at Mulligan’s Island in Cranston, said Tom Spargo. Based on information from Flightscope Launch Monitor technology, swing tempo, mark on clubface and desired ball flight, Greg opted for Aerotech SteelFiber i95 shafts and Miura CB 501 iron heads. Spargo Golf proceeded to build a Frequency Matched and MOI matched set of irons. Once we determined what Greg hit best, Spargo Golf built a precise match for optimal performance.” You can schedule your Miura fitting at