Having trouble choosing which club to use? Can’t tell how many yards until the pin? The ScoreBand PULSE Laser Rangefinder could come in handy to help you perfect your game.

I used the PULSE for the first time today, and I could not believe how accurate it was. I pulled the PULSE out of my bag on the tee box at hole 1 to see how many yards away I stood from the pin. I then looked at the scorecard to compare, and I was amazed to see that the scorecard read the same exact number of yards as the PULSE. I repeated this at every hole to continue testing the accuracy, and there wasn’t a hole on the course in which the PULSE was more than a few yards off from what the scorecard read.

Listed at $179.99, the PULSE offers an affordable and accurate tool which can help you decide on what club to use, and prevent you from sailing one over the green or falling short of the green and into the bunker. “…THE PULSE IS BY FAR THE BEST VALUE IN GOLF LASER RANGEFINDERS BY A LONG SHOT…” -HOOKED ON GOLF BLOG

PULSE_logo_side_hi_res_e18946e6-9bbb-4fb3-be8e-a2cfd71b1639The 4″ x 3″ x 1.5″ rangefinder is lightweight (150 grams) and easy to use. The mode button allows you to calculate the distance in either yards or meters. “Flag Mode” will tell you the exact distance to the pin while “General Mode” will give you a general idea of the distance when you are more than 250 yards out. The PULSE comes with a CR2 3 volt battery, a carrying case, and lens cloth.

It is important to keep a steady hand while sighting the flag. A few times when I tried to hit the flag with my sight, I would accidently hit a tree in the distance in which would give me an inaccurate reading. It can be difficult to lock the sight on the flag when you are over 150-200 yards out. However, when you do hit the flag, the PULSE gives you a very precise distance to the pin.

Overall the PULSE is a high quality product that can help any golfer sharpen their game. It is easy to use, lightweight and easy to carry, and offers precise measurements all at a great price.