Immersive Golf GPS

Unlike other apps, FunGolf GPS uses realistic 3D maps. After testing it we can say this immersive experience is the best way to view the course. Yardages on the 3D map help you plan your next shot. Every distance is computed in real time based on your actual line of play, not by using a predefined point.  No one else offers the same level of precision.

Accurate 3D models allowed us to simplify shot tracking: just tap the “Record Shot” button and… there is no step two.  FunGolf GPS will record if you hit the fairway, bunker or green automatically for you. FunGolf is easy to use with one hand and high-contrast graphics are clearly visible even in bright sunlight. When you are done, FunGolf GPS shows a nice round recap with full scorecard for up to four players.

Fun Golf GPS

It supports various scoring options, and even simulates handicap index. A dashboard lets you review key indicators of your game: fairways hit, putting average, driving distance and greens in regulation. There are even more stats on a timeline, so you can see how your game evolves over time. There is no limit on the number of courses you can download, and once downloaded, they are stored on the device.

This means that FunGolf GPS is always available immediately, even without an internet connection.  This is good news for travelers: you can disable cellular data abroad, and still enjoy FunGolf GPS assistance.  FunGolf GPS is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store for $19.99.