polara-golf-ballsThere are two totally different philosophies in golf that really are miles apart when it comes to equipment. The first is that all golf equipment must be approved by the USGA and be deemed conforming to their standards for competitive play. The second is that golf is truly a game for fun and enjoyment and anything that makes this difficult game easier should be allowed for the average golfer who never going to compete in sanctioned events. Polara Golf’s Advantage Drivers™ are designed to exceed the USGA’s distance limits.

Available in four lofts: 10.5, 12, HL1 and HL3. These drivers are specifi cally engineered to work with the Polara Golf’s self-correcting golf balls, which reduce hooks and slices up to 75%, to deliver the straightest and longest shots in golf. The drivers are 475cc and are designed with an exclusive ultra-thin, betatitanium face. These non-conforming drivers are larger than the USGA allows and have a large sweet spot providing fewer miss-hits. Polara Golf designs products to make the game of golf more enjoyable. Recently I took the Polara Advantage driver and the Polara XDS Distance golf ball to the range at Segregansett Country Club in Taunton, Massachusetts. Randomly 8 golfers were chosen to test the Polora Driver and the XDS Ball after warming up with their driver for distance and accuracy comparisons. The handicap range of the golfers who tested the club and ball were from a low single digit to mid to high handicap golfers. We instructed each golfer to hit a few balls with their driver prior to testing the Polara driver and Ball.

The first was college golf team low digit player. He hit 3 drives all over 300 yards dead center with a perfectly straight ball flight, his single word comment said it all, WOW! The second golfer was a 12 handicap who hit 3 drives again down the middle well over 270 yards which was 45 yards longer than his average drive. The next 4-5 golfers were equally amazed as the accuracy and distance of the ball and driver. The last golfer tested was a 65+-year-old player who was once a low digit handicap  golfer who had major problems hitting his driver with any length or accuracy. He fi nished out the 2 sleeves of Polara balls hitting 6 drives over 250 yards which were all in play. I had trouble getting the driver back from this gentleman who actually offered to buy it on the spot.


We recovered all 2 dozen hit balls, it was easy they were all in the middle of the range and gave them back to the testers to play in their rounds that day. I must say, everyone loved the Advantage driver and XDS golf ball combination, especially around the greens and with approach shots. Polara.com for more information.