An Install by 360 Sports Systems & SynGrass

Yard - BeforeAs a child I always wanted a putting green in my backyard to hone by short game skills and have chip & putt contests with my brother and/or father. Unfortunately, this did not happen at the home I grew up in, mainly due to synthetic grass surfaces not being as affordable, durable and as true rolling as they are today. My fiance and I just bought a home with wonderful water views and plenty of land to make my childhood dream into a reality. From here the rest is history and my short game is already thanking me for it.

In May I contacted Boston based 360 Sports Systems and Synthetic Grass to inquire if they could fit me into their busy install schedule, discuss the design/install process and get an idea on price. The owner, Ted Renda, was very accommodating and answered all of my questions straight to the point. We set a date, an area for the green and we were off. We choose an area where the grass was in rough shape that had a natural undulation and contour to shape the green. The green with a small perimeter of rough measured 270 sq. ft. which is plenty big enough for 10 foot putts, makeable chips and short pitch shots. The install went seamlessly. Not only was I impressed with the quality of synthetic turf, design, workmanship etc. but I was more than satisfied with the level of customer service and appreciation for my property by the 360 Team. The property was in better shape after they left and the landscape more appealing. After a couple days the green was ready for some action.Yard - After

To date the green has been completely tested. I have used it for practice, short game lessons with my fiance, contests with friends and it recently received a great deal of use at our Memorial Day celebration at the house in which Chip n’ Putt was one of the #1 yard games. The putts roll true and the chips hold. What more could you ask for? The green is very easy to clean off and maintain. I have brushed some very fine sand into the green and I use a blower to clean off debris. Besides for that its turnkey.

If you are looking to install a synthetic putting green in your backyard or in your home I would recommend that you look no further than 360 Sports Systems & SynGrass. They are local, do above average work and have very competitive pricing. For more information visit or call Ted Renda at (877) 937-4360 to set up a consultation appointment. I for one couldn’t be happier and I would like for as many golfers as possible to share in my excitement by installing their own putting green right at their own home. Truly a dream come true!