Crumpin’ Fox Golf Course

Playing nice course is a great time, but on a college budget it can be tough to do.

Last weekend I played Crumpin Fox in Bernardston, MA with a few buddies. I grew up about half an hour away from this course, but have never played it…Why?

Well, the 20-dollar round at my local course is a lot more appealing to me because of my budget.

Playing a Nice Course on a College Budget

Here is how I got to play one of the nicest public courses in New England for under 100 dollars.

First, we booked our tee time online. Secondly, we opted to play on a Sunday afternoon when we figured it would be less busy.

Since it gets less play, the rates dropped off from $115 to around $60. A very manageable price for college kids.

One trick to a round like this is to wait to do it. At the beginning of the summer my golf buddies said we would play this, but wanted to save it as our last outing before we go our separate ways to school.

College Budget

Crumpin-Fox Club offers electric carts with touch screens and GPS.

When we arrived at the course, we were greeted by the wonderful staff who were very helpful and more than happy to answer our questions. We found out the driving range was free, which was a very cool surprise, and made it feel like a private course. The golf carts alone may be worth the trip to Crumpin’ Fox.

Not only does it have a GPS with screen, it has a cooler on the side, and seats comfier than your couch. This makes driving through the woods to look for your ball a lot more peaceful. Not to mention, the course is in pristine condition. You won’t find a course in that area in better shape.

As we wrapped up our round we started talking about everything we liked about the place and if it was worth it. We concluded that it was well worth it and a trip back is a must. After our round, we headed into Zeke’s for some food. The wait staff and atmosphere was awesome.

Crumpin Fox is truly a golfers paradise hidden in Western MA.