Bradley Tweets Photo

Keegan Bradley, being from New England and all, knows a thing or two about keeping busy during a snow day. So to break up the tedium of waiting out a blizzard at this week’s Match Play Championship, @Keegan_Bradley took to Twitter to share an old photo of himself with his followers.

Keegan Bradley as a high-schooler (Photo: Twitter via @Keegan_Bradley)

Perhaps inspired by the PGA Tour’s wonderful new “Born for This” ad campaign starring Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, and himself as youngsters, the pride of Woodstock, Vt., posted an old photo from his high school days. The permed pomp atop the head of the round-faced lad reminded at least one observer of golf’s current No. 1.

“Golf fans in Massachusetts found themselves scratching their heads when a photograph surfaced of American Keegan Bradley looking very much like fellow PGA Championship winner, Rory McIlroy,” wrote Fatiha Betscher at Golf by Tour Miss.

Betscher proceeded to give readers outside the six-state region a helpful geography lesson.

“The picture of a curly-haired Bradley was located among class photographs at Hopkinton’s High School and located to the south west of Boston,” Betscher pointed out. “Bradley’s game has blossomed since his days at Hopkinton High School, and apparently his look has, too. The golfer, who is now comfortably among the game’s top competitors, has tweeted out a photo of what he looked like in high school — and let’s just say he had a little more of a McIlroy look in his teenage years.

Added Betscher about the 2011 tour Rookie of the Year’s regular sojourns back to his roots: “And Bradley has often returned to the school including visits during the Deutsche Bank Championship.”


Emily Kay is a regular contributor to New England Golf Monthly. You may follow Kay on Twitter @golfexaminer