coleman-sistersOnce again W.B. Mason has brought the Symetra Tour back to Thorny Lea Country Club in Brockton.  The Symetra Tour is the minor leagues of professional golf that gives talented women golfers the opportunity to fine tune their games.  Every year golfers that finish in the top ten on the money list qualify to play on the L.P.G.A. Tour.  There is a vast difference between the two tours. The top prize at The Symetra Tour this week was $18, 750, while the winner at this week’s L.P.G.A. event won a purse of $195,000.

Natalie Sheary of West Hartford jumped to the lead in the first round of play by setting a new course record shooting a 9 under par 62. Sheary stumbled a bit in the third round of play scoring a 3 over par 74 but it was good enough to win the tournament by one stroke  over Marissa Steen.

Two of the players at the 2016 tournament hosted twin sisters. Jenny and Kristin Coleman of Rolling Hills Estates, California were all-stars at Colorado University. I had a chance to speak to both girls.

New England Golf Monthly:  Jenny do you and your twin sister do everything together?

Jenny Coleman:  Absolutely. In college we were roommates and helped each other whenever we could.

N.E.G.M : Did you play other sports ?

J.C : Oh sure. We played soccer, softball, basketball anything that had a ball we played it. But when we entered High School we both realized that our talents in golf would serve us best.

N.E.G.M :  Most of the girls on tour carry their own bag because you can not afford a caddy .

J.C : Right. And when only one of us qualifies to play in a tournament one of us will caddy for the other. After all who knows your game better than your own twin sister?

Twin sister Kristin joined us for the interview.

N.E.G.M : Was there much competition between you two when you grew up ?

Kristin Coleman :  No we always acted as cheerleaders for each other.

N.E.G.M :  You both are tall and very slender with the same color hair. What is the difference between the two of you?

K.C :  I am half an inch taller. That’s the only difference really.

J.C :  And our names.

Kristin did not make the cut this year, but Jennifer did and she finished at 1 under par. Look for the Coleman girls to make the big tour. After all when your twin sister is always by your side success is sure to follow