Golf at the Range

One thing I hear often from fellow golfers is how well they hit the ball at the range, but then once they step up to the first tee something seems to change, the shots you were just hitting on the range have disappeared,  and your ball flight has all of a sudden gone from straight to slice. Why Golf WHY!!!


I’ll tell you why! You don’t practice like you play! When was the last time you were at the range imagining the first hole at your home course, how you were going to play the tee ball, where to aim, how to play your approach shot to the first hole? Never? That’s what I thought! I like to teach all of my students how to practice correctly. Practicing correctly always starts by picking a target. Once you have picked your target you will take two clubs and lay them on the ground. One for your feet and the other for clubface alignment. You are now practicing with a purpose. From here what I like to do is challenge my student using scenarios we will face on the course. I have them play the first hole on the range, between two targets on the range could be the fairway, ball must land in the fairway to continue, if we hit the fairway we move on to the approach, I’ll give them a target that will act as the green, if they miss the green, we will have to chip to a close target. Playing games with yourself not only is fun but will help you translate your range game over to the golf course! For more info