An effective and consistent golf swing depends on many factors. Most of these are found in the foundation of the swing. 

One of these is checking your lines.  It is one issue tour players are constantly checking because they know how important their lines are to effective ball striking. 

Getting your lines parallel will lead to a golf swing that is more effective and consistent, plus making other swing issues easier to resolve.  

You need 3 clubs. Two placed off the heel and toe of your practice club that create a lane for the ball and club to the target. The last club is placed at your feet.

Your goal is to reinforce that your shoulders, hips knees and feet are parallel to each other.  One exception:  If you flare, or open your lead foot to the target, be sure this guide club is parallel to the other two. In this case, place a fourth club along the ‘heel line’ of your feet and you will find IT is parallel to the others!

You are checking and reinforcing that:

  • Your shoulders are parallel to each other, regardless of the type of shot. 
  • The hips are likewise parallel.
  • Your knees are parallel.

Simply put, it is important to develop the feel for having your ‘trail side’ behind or parallel to your ‘target side’.  Once you become comfortable checking and reinforcing good lines, you may find your golf swing more fluid and your balance improved.