2016-04-28_11.03.35 (1)The missing flag from the Turner, Maine golf course has reappeared after what must have been a winter hibernation. The red flag disappeared last May following the annual Scholarship Tournament at Turner Highlands Golf Course. Soon after, it started appearing at various PGA events and with celebrities from the sports world. The flag had its own Facebook page listed with the name Turnah Flag. Photos were posted from the PGA events of the missing flag with golfers including PGA greats like Keegan Bradley, Zach Johnson, VJ Singh, Patrick Reed and Henrick Stenson. It was also signed by dozens of PGA greats at the tournaments.

921124_265454160452386_3025071493696581879_o (1)Photos on the Turnah Flag Facebook page also show the flag at sporting events ranging from Major League Baseball to the NFL. There are photos with NFL greats including Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith and Steelers great Louis Lipps. There is even a photo of the flag with NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer.
After a busy 2015, the flag went quiet last fall after a trip to the PGA Championship in Georgia. There were no posts, comments or sightings of the flag all winter, prompting many to wonder what had happened to the flag.

sabatini Flag

6 time PGA winner Rory Sabbatiini

There had been much speculation among Turner Highland golfers as to who actually has the missing flag. There were several ‘suspicious’ photos posted and talk among the golfers pointed to several suspects, but nobody is certain who is helping the flag on its journey. There have been photos of the flag at various houses and even photos of hairy arms holding the flag that led to speculation!

emmitt smith (1)

Dallas Cowboy’s Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith

After the winter silence, the flag suddenly appeared again on St. Patrick’s Day in photos with leprechauns and angels! Then a few days later it appeared at the Arnold Palmer Invitation PGA event in Florida. Photos were added to the Facebook page of the flag with more golfers including Justin Rose, Ian Poulter, Rory Sabbitini and more.

The flag then showed up at a concert, and even ended up hanging out with legendary rock band Foghat and was photographed with Foghat drummer Roger Earl before apparently hitting the roulette tables at the Hard Rock Casino! The flag has accumulated dozens of signatures of many of golf’s greatest from al-time greats like Davis Love, Ernie Ells, Padraig Harrington, Angel Cabrerra and VJ Singh to current superstars like Bubba Watson, Zach Johnson, Justin Rose, Keegan Bradley and Patrick Reed.

stenson atl (1)Clearly the missing ‘Turnah Flag’ is on the move again and out of its winter hibernation. Nobody seems to know where it will appear next, but it has given some indication it will be returning to its home course this summer.

roger earl Flag

Hall of fame drummer Roger Earl

In one of the posts on the flags Facebook page, the flag says it may return for this year’s Annual Scholarship Tournament at the Turner Highlands Golf Course on June 9th. The flag posted that it wants to help raise money for the scholarships to be given out. There are lots of photos and comments about the flag and its journey on its Turnah Flag Facebook page. I attempted to get a comment from the flag from the page, but only received a photo of the flag. The mystery will continue. Who knows where the flag will appear next, but maybe we will see it back home this summer. Until then, it will be fun to see where the flag appears next!