Frank Vana

FRANK VANA: I think that when you get to a certain age and now you’re a rookie at that age that you mentioned this morning’s match, you know, you guys are playing hard, you’re fighting, you’re competing, but at the same time, there’s a little bit more of a —

FRANK VANA: Yeah, it was a little more lax. We knew each other, which was great. Hey, it’s fun to play your friends sometimes, right. It can be competitive, it can be good, and sometimes it’s different if you don’t know somebody, and it’s just only golf. But we had a good time, something to talk about between shots. It was just for a fun time. We both wanted to win, and we both wanted to see each other hit good shots, and that’s good.

Q. You don’t wish any ill on anybody, but you also know at the end of the day, you’re probably going to see this guy again down the road.
FRANK VANA: That’s right.

Q. You guys are both rookies. It’s amazing, of the eight quarterfinalists, five of you were first-timers.
FRANK VANA: I mean, we’ve been at tournaments and are friendly because — paired together, not a lot of times, but just the camaraderie and friends, that’s how it goes. You just keep seeing all the same guys. Alan Hill, I had played practice rounds with and maybe once or twice, and we just became friends because of all the tournaments together.

Q. I’m thinking in this year, you, Sean, Alan —

Q. Five of the eight quarterfinalists were first-time players.

Q. So it’s kind of interesting that you guys should come in here and have such success. It speaks to, like you say, the talent, but also the ease in which you’ve kind of gotten yourself into this game, right?
FRANK VANA: Right, yeah. We’ve been lucky enough to play in a lot of these, and that helps. It’s another tournament to play in, and maybe we haven’t played in quite as many the last several years, but over the years we’ve played in a bunch. I think it helps no doubt. You know what to expect, and then the fact that — like now if you make the U.S. Am, you almost don’t have a chance. It’s all kids. That’s less comfortable than coming to this where you’re acquainted with guys you know.

Q. You played the Amateur last in 20 —
FRANK VANA: ’10, I think.

Q. Chambers Bay?

Q. And that experience was okay? I’m not saying you felt like things were — it’s college kids mostly, right?
FRANK VANA: It really is. They’re out on the range pounding balls all day long. We can’t do that. The body parts start falling off, right?

Q. That’s right. Yet you’re still able to maintain your game to an extremely high level, player of the decade two decades running in Massachusetts. What’s your motivation, and what keeps you —
FRANK VANA: You know, I’ve been healthy. I haven’t had any injuries, which is great. I love to compete like all these guys do, and it’s just fit into my lifestyle, and I’ve been really lucky to do it. Not a lot of guys have the flexibility or whatever. I’ve been able to do it, and I’ve been lucky enough to win and do some nice things. And I work at it. I practice. I don’t play. I juggle all this stuff and I work at it. It doesn’t just happen.

Q. And winning begets maybe more motivation for you?
FRANK VANA: Yeah, you know, a little bit. You know, I think for me anyway, I have a short memory. When you tell me all these things, it’s like, oh, my God, yeah. But not a lot of stuff is on my mind all the time. I’m more just concerned what’s the next tournament, where are we going next, and I’ve been lucky that it’s added up to be pretty nice, but it’s not really anything I dwell on or pay attention to, and I think that really helps because when I go, I think, I want to win, I want to play well, and that for me has worked well.

Q. Today I know it didn’t work well this afternoon, but all in all, a great week.
FRANK VANA: It was a fun week, yeah, it was a really fun week. I’m disappointed I didn’t play that well, but it was fun. I had a blast.

Q. And you know now that you’re not only back here for one more year, but you’re going to have a couple of these to look back on. Semifinalists get to —
FRANK VANA: I didn’t know that. That’s even better. That’s awesome. That’s another nice perk.

Q. Every round you go further, you get another little bump. You’re guaranteed in.
FRANK VANA: That’s great.

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