Take the Time to Stretch

Too often I see golfers rushing to the first tee trying to stretch against the golf cart, flailing their arms around, or swinging multiple clubs at once to try and “get loose”.  While the intentions are good and the results may feel better then the alternative of not doing it at all, I am going to bring up a couple key points:

1. When is the last time you held a “position” during a golf stroke in order to achieve a better result?

2. When is the last time you hit a shot on the course using a club 2-3 times the average weight?

3. When is the last time your body felt as good after a round of golf as it did before?

short game smile

My guess is your response would be “never” to all of the above so I ask you, why warm up the same way?  The golf swing is a dynamic, coordinated motion generating speeds for some in excess of 100 mph and 50 lbs of force on the end of a golf club.  If you cannot take a few minutes to prepare your body for these conditions, you might want to reconsider how hard you go after those first few shots!  I have included a video I put together for some ballistic stretches you can use prior to your round of golf.  It is in no way the end all be all of warming up but it would be a great start if you fit the description of my opening statement. If you simply cannot make the time to get them done before your tee time, tell your cart partner he is driving solo the first hole and you can surely fit them in as you make your way to the green!  As for the “I always swing a weighted club crowd”, you better find something equally light to swing and alternate your use in frequent minimal-rep sets to avoid any loss of clubhead speed and perhaps see those gains you were sure it would give you!

Jason Sedan is the PGA Director of Instruction at the Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club in New Durham, NH, one of NEGM’s Top 25 Private Clubs.