Keeping Your Edge in Golf

Visit the Swing Doctor

mike-student (1)Many amateur golfers who set out to improve through instruction I have moments when everything seems to work and times when nothing is working. Learning the process and skill set to improve in golf is very much fishing, sometimes is good and sometimes not so good. I recently played one of my best rounds in years at a tournament. My ball striking was great, course management was right on target and I scored very well shooting 79 for the day. I had comments from a number of players asking what I had done to cut my scoring average from 93 to shooting 79 in a tournament. I explained that I had been working with Mike Harbour at the East Bay Golf Learning Center in Warren, RI and he had helped me see clearly the difference between a good swing and a bad swing and had taught me how to recognize what was right or wrong with both. It was great to play well and like most players who are learning to become better players it was extremely encouraging.

Just one week later I played again with many of the same players from that tournament in a skins game on both Saturday and Sunday and shot 93 on Saturday and 98 on Sunday. After those rounds a good friend approached me and asked what happened to that great game you had last week, I said,” honestly I don’t know or I am not completely sure”. So here lies the mystery that surround the game of golf for almost everyone. If you can play that well one day, why can’t you bring that same process of doing things well over and over again. Golf is a very difficult game to master and to play consistently requires focus, training, practice and support.

mqdefault (1)That support can only come from one place, your instructor or teacher. The person who lead me to that score of 79 is the same person who will bring me back to repeating it again. While I may have learned what is wrong in a bad swing and what is right in a good swing, I have not learned to hold off the 20 years of bad habits I have engrained in my golf game. It took time to learn to play the wrong way and it will for sure take time to find consistency and avoid revisiting my old bad habits.

The more instruction I receive from Mike Harbour the more I realize almost every player in the game needs a look now and then. Golf is a lifelong journey of learning and discovery and having a guru who can keep you on track is literally a must. While you make take lessons to work on specific problems for 4-6 weeks with an instructor after that a monthly visit him or her should be on your schedule even if you are playing well. Here the thing, in golf “Feel is not Real”, even though you are playing ok it is literally impossible to recognize small flaws that could easy be seen by a trained professional. These are the things that creep back into our game ultimately causing a breakdown in our game plan to play better. Make a point to see the Swing Doctor. Mike Harbour at East Bay Learning Center and it would not hurt to eat the Apple a Day Too…

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