Mike Harbour Week 5 The Editors Game Improvement Challenge

Connecting and Ingraining all The Pieces

The process of ingraining new habits and swing thoughts in your golf swing is one of the most difficult aspects for students of the game. While each week in a 30 minute lesson Mike Harbour can easily assess and adjust your techniques and get you back on track, it is common for all players to fall back to their old habits. There is no secret or shortcut to applying what you learn each week and taking it to the golf course with 100% results. It is a process week to hit more good golf shots each time I play a round of golf.

Week one to week five I have set a goal each time I play for a set number of good golf shots. It has varied, in my first week it was five, now five weeks into this it is 12. If you play a round of golf and hit 12 good golf shots your scoring average will come down. I have played much better rounds and also have had rounds that were terrible during the last 5 weeks. There are no quick fixes in the game that transform your game overnight, it is a process.

Each week during my warmup before working with Mike I try to focus on the key elements and fundamentals he has pointed out for my improvement path. Every week at some point  during the warm-up, he sneaks in a video which he reviews with me prior to any lesson. It gives me a perspective on how I am doing and what needs attention. My most difficult challenge right now is consistent ball striking and alignment. The courses I have played on over the last 5 weeks are all maintained with very short grass height and firm conditions. Segregansett Country Club in Taunton, MA my home course is known for fast tight fairways, deep thick rough and fast firm greens. You need to make good contact and hit good shots to score. So to is TPC Boston where I played 36 holes over the weekend and The International in Bolton, MA where I played an event last week. All these facilities are players courses and the better impact you make the more good golf shots you will hit. In the last 4-5 weeks I have also played less difficlult courses like Crestwood Country Club and Swansea Country Club and scored much better overall and found it much easier to play with the ball sitting up a bit on the grass.

One thing is for certain, I will show up at The Mike Harbour’s East Bay Learning Center every week on Thursday an get my fix on my game, I will get better by ingraining tempo, swing path and good posture.

My Starting Index 5 Weeks Ago 16.7 Home Course Handicap 18
My Current Index 13.7  Home Course Handicap 15
My Current Trending Index is 12.7

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