Mike Harbour Week 10 The Editors Game Improvement Challenge

Take Care of Your Back & Get Fit For Golf

squareHealth problems are the one issue many of us have that we continually try to work through with golf game. A proper golf swing requires flexibility and strength to maintain good mechanics. In some way all injuries will affect not only the swing but your ability to practice and continue with a regular instruction program. The most common of all golf injuries are centered around spinal or back problems. Because of the nature of the golf swing and the amount of muscles engaged during the swing any back problems will be exposed.


There is a double edge sword hanging over this issue for anyone who suffers from back injury. A proper golf swing always puts less stress on the back as it is made with a balanced movement and good tempo. Having said that we all find shortcuts to avoid pain when dealing with back problems, often times ingraining improper techniques that lead to poor performance and inconsistent results. Bad habits in the game seem to be easier to repeat for amateur golfers than good ones, and they find their way back into our game continually, even when we are in a grove and playing well.

For me personally after having a tumor removed from my spine and other disc problems over the years I am left with permanent Sciatic pain on my right side. After taking a few days off each week from golf from Sunday to Thursday I feel ready to play. My first round of the week is often my best and I am able to execute a proper swing subsequently scoring well. I follow that up with a game on Friday and possibly Saturday or Sunday which gradually takes me to total frustration by weeks’ end.

So if there is an answer to all of this then it is surely fitness. If you are anything like me then you have found every excuse in the world to avoid getting in shape. Extra body weight, which I have is never going to make it easy. Not getting into a regular exercise program to strengthen your core is going to make it even harder. If you drink when playing, stop, it’s not the answer. Whatever self-medicating routine you think is going to work, it will not. There are no shortcuts to this game or any other one for that matter, get real. I may be blessed to work with one of the top instructors in the game in Mike Harbour, but I am not giving him much to work with. It is surely time for change in my life and possibly your as well.