Your Head Will Pull You From Your Swing Path Every Time

IMG_1462In the first session with Mike Harbour we spent a little time reviewing a video he had taken when I was warming up before the lesson. I was never aware he was doing the video so in my warm up I hit balls pretty much the way I normally would with my ingrained golf swing. Immediately following my warm up Mike reviewd with me the video which is here for your viewing. It was clear in the video I was leading with my head in my swing and moving my head forward at the start of my downswing. Because the head is the heaviest part of our body, when it moves so to does the reast of the body. The result of all of this clearly shows in the video that my swing off plane and over the top producing low ball flight, pull hooks and a closed club face. It became immediately clear why almost all my miss hits with my irons and driver are low hooks and pulls

In the next 30 minutes Mike had me using position sticks for my target line at 12 o’clock and at 1 o’clock for my inside out swing path. We concentrated on only two simple drills alternating 5 shots for each drill in the next 30 minutes. The first drill was to takeaway and return the club to impact on the same or a similar plane keeping my right arm below my left with follow through. The next drill I was to concentrate on keeping my head behind the ball until impact. Over and over 5 shots on one drill, 5 shots on the other until I began to feel comfortable. He made it clear to me that he did not want me to think about two swing thoughts at once, only one at a time. I was not long at before most of my shots had much higher ball flight with a slight draw or fade. We worked our way up trough the bag all the way to the driver and the results were the same.

Key for first lesson swing path and head movement. Now it is my job during the next week to work on this drill to improve. Each Thursday afternoon after my lesson I play golf. Mike instructed me to only work on only one of the two drills while playing today. I played 18 holes and worked only on swing path. Many times during the round I hit high penetrating shots with much better ball flight. While this one lesson did not improve my overall score a great deal, it did give me a clear understanding of how I can become more consistant by ingraining a better swing path.

*My 12-16 Week Goal is to reach a single digit 9 Handicap

Dateline Lesson # 1 April 28th Home Course Handicap 18