Keep a Steady Head


“To me, a very steady, if not rigidly immobile, head is the supreme golfing fundamental, mandatory on every shot from a drive to a tap-in. I even have gone so far as to call this the game’s ‘one unarguable, universal fundamental.'”
Jack Nicklaus

The head (or top of the spine) is the center at which our body rotates around. The more movement of the head we have in the golf swing (up and down, left and right) the more difficult it becomes to hit the ball solid and consistently. Solid contact is the number one priority when it comes to hitting great golf shots. A player could move their head throughout the golf swing and still be a good golfer (there are a few exceptions to every “rule”). Doing so however, requires lots of repetition and near perfect timing. Keeping the head centered throughout your swing is much easier and more repeatable.

Below is a great drill you can do at home to help you get the feel of a steady head:

1.) Set up in a good golfer posture and hold a club across your shoulders, or mimic yourself holding a golf club.
2.) Have your head rest up against a wall or door frame. You should stand in a way that you feel some pressure against your forehead.
3.) Rotate your body turning your shoulders and hips to you get to the top while keeping your head up against the wall.
4.) Rotate back and into your finish keeping your head against the wall throughout.


Darren Falk, PGA
Director of Instruction
Holly Ridge Golf Club

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