Use a Good Coach

Do you consider golf a sport? I know I sure do! What do all athletes in every sport have? They have coaches to help them throughout their conditioning, practice, and games. Now ask yourself who your coach is, how often did you take lessons last season, and how has this affected your golf game. The best golfers in the world have coaches that help them throughout the year. Why don’t you? If you’re looking to improve next season, I think it’s about time to start interviewing golf coaches.


Photo courtesy of Gainesville Times

When a player comes to my facility for help I do a few things. First, I talk to them about their current game and why they are seeking help. This gives me great insight into their frustrations and how I can help them begin the improvement process. Second, I ask the student to make goals, both short-term and long-term. These goals can be anything from beating friends to winning the club championship. After I understand your goals I begin to piece together the best course of actions to achieve the goals. Third, I will educate the player on the golf instruction process. There is no quick fix, even for the tour players, improvement is a process, and if someone think’s one lesson will make you a better player immediately it’s probably not the case.  Finally, we begin! The first lesson will be a swing analysis where I will get to the root of the problem and build a game plan on how we move forward. I will coach you through the process and if you stick to the game plan you will improve!