There is a large sign on route 136 in Warren, Rhode Island that reads “Windmill Hill 9 Holes $12.00- 7 Days a week.” Turn right and you will see another sign just before the parking lot stating that fish and chips are available in the clubhouse for only $5.99. Golf and fresh Rhode Island fish all for under $18.00: Surely a bargain that every golfer will appreciate.

Windmill Hill is comprised of 9 par 3 holes that meander through a valley where the wind is always a factor. The fairways are generous and very well groomed. The holes vary in length from 116 yards to 218 yards so you need more than a wedge and a putter to play this course. I have played a number of Par 3 courses and many become boring after the first three holes. Yet this course has hills and valleys that demand a variety of shots that will keep the round fresh and sharpen your short-game skills.

One of the most challenging holes is the 4th hole. It is only 136 yards but you need to carry a pond and avoid the bunkers. The 7th hole is 218 yards long and calls for an accurate hybrid shot from the tee. The clubhouse is cozy but comfortable and serves some very good food. You can sit on the deck and watch your fellow golfers play the ninth hole and soak up some sun. At the end of the round your short game will get some fine tuning that will come in handy on a regulation course. And if you have $5.99 left in your pocket don’t forget the Fish and Chips. For more information call 401-245-1463 or