Hyannis GC & Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds Greens

Hyannis & BarnstableWe all know that Cape Cod is the ultimate Fall Golf destination as the weather is warmer than other parts of New England and the tourist traffic has virtually disappeared. Groups of golfers tend to spend long weekends enjoying their last rounds of the season playing the many great tracks on the island. Our staff has recently learned why the Barnstable Golf courses located in the Mid-Cape region should be prime targets for our readers and subscribers. Perfect Greens!

“Here at Barnstable Golf we pride ourselves on consistently providing our golfers with outstanding putting greens throughout the season. As a career turf manager one of the most difficult decisions I have made was to change the way we look at our greens aeration and topdressing practices and how they affect golfing opportunities during prime golfing weather”, said Bruce McIntyre, Director of Golf for the Town of Barnstable. “Without question, aerifying and topdressing greens are probably the most important practices employed by golf maintenance staffs to maintain and improve golf putting green performance and turf conditions.”

So how did they change their aeration and topdressing practices? Keep reading what Mr. McIntyre had to say! “There are many ways to accomplish these yearly tasks, but timing is never on the golfer’s side. We continue to perform our greens aeration and topdressing in the spring in late April – early May but have moved our summer schedule from late August to after Columbus Day. We lightly top dress our greens in late August to dilute thatch and firm up the putting surface. We can do this in hours and most golfers don’t even notice. This has allowed us the ability to keep our greens and courses open for uninterrupted play through some of the best golfing weather the Cape has to offer. Both Olde Barnstable and Hyannis are in great shape headed into fall so why not come on down and enjoy the season.”

So there you have it folks. These two golf courses have decided to put your enjoyment of great conditions as their top priority. Our suggestion is to thank them for it by playing as often as possible at the Mid-Capes Fall Destination’s of Hyannis GC (508.362.2606) and Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds (508.420.1142).