Crotched Mountain Golf Club

With a population of 1,500 people, Francestown, New Hampshire isn’t known for much other than their ski mountain.

Crotched Mountain is one of the best ski areas in the region, but next time you head there, leave the ski poles at home. And grab your golf clubs.

Crotched mountain golf club may be one of the best hidden gems in south western New Hampshire.


When you think of a ski mountain/resort type golf course the first thing that pops into your mind is dollar signs. For the most part these places are rather expensive, for the right reasons.

But when I called to make a tee time I was amazed when the guy on the phone told me the pricing.

52 bucks for 18 and a cart! Only 42 after 2pm, you can’t beat that price for the quality of golf here.

Pulling in, you are welcomed with gorgeous (and intimidating) green hills that roll all over the course. The pro shop and outdoor deck area are a great look for the place as well.

They just got brand new Yamaha gas powered carts so getting up the hills was a breeze.

The front nine is what you would expect here. A lot of blind tee shots, hills and tough greens that will break a lot more than you think.


The coolest hole on the front was hole 4. The tee shot was gorgeous. It overlooked the pro shop, driving range and a few of the other holes. It is a downhill par 5 with a pond at the bottom of the hill. Really pretty.

But, playing a new course has its downfalls. The tree line on the right pops out a tad more than you would expect and, you guessed it, that is where my ball ended up.

But if you play the hole the right way, other than a little downhill lie, you will have a decent look to get on in two. But if you don’t like the lie, 100 yards out is as flat as it gets and makes for an easy chip and GIR opportunity.

But don’t get me wrong, a very fun front 9 (and I shot very poorly).

When you make the turn you cross the road and get a preview of the next 9 holes.


Windows aren’t big, but if you hit your spots, not that bad.

Hitting your spots is the key there, missing will either result in your ball bouncing off a few pine trees as you hope it pops out, or a tough, tough second shot.

As I got out of my car an older gentlemen welcomed me as he wrapped up his stuff just finishing. His advice was “the rough is very, very thick, stay out of it, if you find yourself in it, good luck finding your ball.”

Tough thing to hear before you even tee it up, but he was right.

On 14 my ball went off the fairway a little to the left and finding my ball was a nightmare. Once I found it, clubbing up wasn’t enough, but I did miss the pot bunkers.

Pulling up on 18, you get the best view I think this area has to offer on a tee shot. With the gorgeous pro shop below, you look into a big green as you are playing a downhill par 3. But off in the distance is the green rolling hills of New Hampshire and the Crotched Mountain ski area.

If you are in the area, Crotched Mountain golf club needs to be on your “To Play” list this summer.