New England Golf MonthlyWelcome to our 2015 premier issue of New England Golf Monthly. Eight years ago New England Publishing set off on a mission to create the finest and most informative regional golf magazine in the country. Our motto was simple; lets make every issue better than the last. Eight years later our peers now recognize us, as the number one regional golf publication in the U.S. It has been a labor of love, passion and most of all commitment with one of the greatest teams anywhere in the industry today.

The simple days of publishing have given way to a complex myriad of integrated platforms that function collectively like a fine tuned engine. What was local is now regional / global and is carried to millions at the speed of light across vast multi media communication channels. We are New England Golf Monthly, Fairways Lifestyles, Golf Fashion Weekly, Fashion Fridays, Private Club Weekly, Friday Foursomes, The Tinkers Nest as well as a multitude of other golf and lifestyle published platforms.

Masters logoOur business is now print, video, radio, digital, social, mobile, web design, e-marketing, direct mail and full multi media marketing and management. Our staff at New England Publishing is engaged, motivated and passionate about the game of golf and everything that surrounds it. We are here to deliver the best in informative news, features and products to you our readers in each and every issue through every medium possible.

It’s been a long winter, so lets dust off that gear and get golf ready for another great golf season. Its only 6 weeks to the Masters and I for one am rooting for the return of Tiger Woods to the game of professional golf. There is nothing better in spring than 18 holes on your favorite course with your friends followed by the spectacle that is the beginning of the golf season each year, The Masters.