tiger-backThe word came in prior to Tigers tournament, The Quicken Loan National at Congressional, last week that he would indeed play in his first event in over 3 months on the PGA Tour.  At the 10th hole at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland on Thursday morning, Tiger struck his first tee shot surrounded by fans at the event excited to once again see Tiger. He flew the green, landed in the bunker, and made a bogy on the next 2 holes.  After 18 holes on Thursday and another 18 on Friday, it was obvious that Tiger was not actually back. For 36 holes Tiger carded 12 Bogies, 1 double, 16 pars and 7 birdies to miss the cut with a two day total of + 7, tied for 103rd place. Tigers comment after the unmemorable performance, “I had a little rust out there today”.

There is no doubt that Tiger Woods has been the most impactful player in golf for a very long time. As far as the PGA Tour ratings and profitability for the Tour, Tiger has been the messiah for a sport that was fl ailing at best in the mid to late 90’s. Tigers golf was great at every level, fun to watch, fun to follow and most importantly fun to emulate as much of the youth of the world did. Golf experienced an amazing boom, but in the end, it had no staying power. Golf today, statistically is not far from where it was prior to the Tiger Woods era in the game.

Over time there have been many great players in golf that have endeared the fans of the game.  Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Hogan, Snead, Nelson, Jones and many more. Golf has endured and will endure moving for-ward, not because of one single person but because many people that played the game with love, honor and respect for what it gives back to all of us.

In 2009, Tiger Woods passed a major milestone in sports as he reached 1 billion dollars in career earnings. Also in 2009, Tiger Woods lost something he may never find for the rest of his career, his competitive edge. In 2013, Tigers largest sponsor ran a simple ad that made a very sad statement on the state of things in golf and in life, “Winning Takes Care of Everything”….Really.