Golf is a Journey, Just Like Life

Golf is a game that many of us get to play for lifetime. Unlike baseball, basketball, football and other sports we enjoy early in our lives, golf is a game we can enjoy well into our later years in life. Like life itself, golf is a journey and an evolution of learning in and around the game every time we play. Practicing how we feel when we play may be the simplest way to get better at enjoying the time we spend on the course.

If you ask someone who can no longer play the game of golf what they miss most about golf the answer may surprise you. Many would say, they miss being with friends the great times and competition. Being outdoors, enjoying the beauty of the courses, the landscapes, trees, flowers is obviously part of it all. In November of 2015 I sat with Arnold Palmer at Bay Hill for a few minutes. He was struggling with health issues at the time. He said, “I would gladly trade where I am now for a day out playing a bad round golf on a rainy day.” He shared his love and passion for golf with everyone he met in his life.Golf

While we all aspire to improve, every time we play the game, few of us take the time to fully embrace what the game is truly all about. Golf is a game to be enjoyed and shared with others in a beautiful outdoor park like setting.

At the very roots of the game back in 14th century the game was created to be a stress reliever for embattled warriors. Today, almost everyone is focused more on results then the actual journey. Many players today ride in carts, rushing from shot to shot missing the full picture along the way.

When I was a child I could not wait to get outside to play with my friends. Being outdoors made me feel great, the sense of freedom and enjoyment of these times in my life eventually became my fondest memories. Golf was never conceived as a career, somehow along the way that part was added. It always was and always will be a game.

Play and enjoy your time on the golf course with friends and family. Play to the best of your ability but more importantly enjoy the time spent playing. Be the best you can be to yourself and others who you play with and embrace the journey. Most importantly, realize how lucky you are to be able to have 4-5 hours of quality time in a very special place. All too soon your time will be up, and it all will be a memory…so make it a great one.