From the Editor

The Gift of Golf

As we make the turn in the 2013 golf season the summer heat has set in throughout New England. It is a time each year when clubs throughout our region celebrate the game with tournaments, outings and events. There is nothing better than the gatherings with friends on the outdoor patios and decks after a great day of golf.

Golf is a social game, and golf clubs are part of the celebration of life and the sport of the game. They are places that people meet, compete and share life stories and experiences. As I write this I am sitting here thinking why then is the game struggling to grow and maintain membership at clubs everywhere. Many years ago, I watched a movie that had a profound impact upon my life. “Pay it Forward” was movie about a boy who created a truly great legacy for his life by sending the message about giving back to the world to make it a better place. For golf it is time to “Pay in Forward” and support the growth of the game of golf by creating more access to the game for more players of all ages. The greatest gift I have ever received in my life was gift of golf, a close friend brought me into the game many years ago.


If we all shared the gift of golf with 3 people of any age each year, golf would not be where it is today. The days of exclusivity need to change to a motto that golf is open to everyone and the welcome matt is out. Both public and private golf clubs need to learn to become active community partners and centers of learning for the game for all ages and generations. If we can learn to “Pay it Forward” and share our love for the game with others, surely this great game will endure.

The 113th U.S Amateur returns to The Country Club of Brookline August 12-18th bring your friends and sons and daughters to watch one of the greatest amateur competitions in the world. On Thursday July 25th I attended media day at The Country Club. The club was teaming with life with junior camps, a women’s luncheon, USGA Staff and business people from the region. It looked more like a university and community center then a private exclusive golf course, there is something to be learned here from one of the very best and oldest clubs in the Nation.