Best Golf in New England

Our May issue has always been about the best of golf in New England. You, our readers, each year vote for the very best of the best in private golf clubs, public golf clubs, par three courses, resorts, instructors and practice facilities. It is our “Top 25 Awards Issue” and for the last twelve months thousands of you have had your say and in this issue, you will see the results. While the experts in the game may surely have there own opinions, these are yours.

Tim in Scotland

In the last month once again golf has been faced with questions regarding rules violations surrounding one of golf’s majors and at the forefront of it all Tiger Woods at this years Masters. Golf is a simple game but plagued by complex rules that are ambiguous to say the least. What would have happened at the Masters if Tiger was leading on Friday when the 2 shot penalty was assessed. On Saturday morning the 2 shot penalty would have changed the entire cut line. Many of the players that left Augusta would not be above the cut line, would tournament officials delay the event until they found their way back to Augusta?

The rules of golf are the most difficult rules in any game in the world today and they need to be modified and simplified so not only the pros and officials of the game can understand them but also the average player. I have heard it said that more than 75% of all golfers who play the game do so under a very loose interpretation of the rules of the game. If this is true than most handicaps are incorrect and most players who post a score do so in error. If golf is going to sustain and grow at all levels then it is time to make the game easier to understand, keep it simple please.

Golf at the professional level is played on perfectly maintained courses that are manicured and clearly marked for tournament play. There are very few roots of trees showing or patchy spots without grass. The average golfer just does not play the game on the same field as the pro’s, yet the rules of the game are expected to upheld at all levels.