It was in the winter of 2007, after a round of golf with friends in Florida, that the plan for NEGM was conceived. Now with this November / December issue of 2017 we will culminate our 10th year of publishing New England Golf Monthly.

Ten years to most of us feels like a really long time, unless of course you are doing something you love. Then it becomes a journey that is full of moments you will cherish forever. Doing something you love in life is a gift that so many will never experience so I am blessed for sure.

Along the way I have been fortunate to meet some of the greatest people in the game. Golf is a game and an industry that embodies some of the finest people I have had the pleasure to meet and associate with in my life. It is a great game, that is surrounded by even greater people who maintain the integrity and spirit of golf and its legacy.

To say the publishing industry is changing is an understatement. Technology has transformed a simple concept of a printed magazine into a myriad of multi-media platforms that connect and distribute information at the speed of sound. We are all connected by a host of devices that offer us minute by minute access to the world on demand. Those who failed to embrace change are now part of the history of obsolescence. I have been blessed over the years to work with a team that always seems to be one step ahead of it all.

New England Golf Monthly and the entire team at New England Dot Media are the most dedicated and passionate team I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They are talented, creative and engaging; they love golf and love what they do. It is not by luck or accident that our team over the last 10 years has built the largest regional golf marketing platform in the country. Our content and platforms are unmatched by even the largest golf media players in the industry today. We are local, national and global and focused on being the best.

Moving forward New England Golf Monthly and our team will continue to provide our readers and followers with the very best in regional, national and international coverage of golf and the lifestyle that surround this great game. We will grow, evolve and embrace the mission ahead no matter what the future brings and strive to be you source for everything that surrounds this amazing game.

See You at The Turn / All the Best,
Timothy R. Branco